Welcome to the farrio project!

The rise of the far right poses a profound challenge to global politics. Diverse far-right actors, such as political parties, civil society groups, and social movements, have been gaining support in domestic contexts, while intensifying their transnational contacts. As these groups focus on national sovereignty and share a stance against globalization, they often contest international organizations (IOs) and their policies. However, their impact on IOs differs. 

The ERC-funded project farrio analyzes how the far right affects international organizations. While scholars have analyzed far-right actors in domestic politics, knowledge about their transnational activities and effects is limited. Farrio fills this gap empirically, theoretically, and methodologically to develop a new approach for understanding and analyzing the effects of the far right in global politics.   

Past events: 

March 7-8 2024

Lisbeth Zimmermann presented a Keynote “Contestation – Many perspectives, one goal?” for the farrio project at the 4th DVPW-Perspektivtagung at the Christian-Albrechts-Universität (CAU) Kiel.

January 11-13 2024

Franziska Höhne participated in the Political Ecologies of the Far Right 2024 (PERF 2024) confernece at Uppsala University in Sweden.

November 20-21 2023

farrio Kick-Off workshop at Goethe-University Frankfurt

For our first workshop we wanted to bring together and connect scholars working on the far right and/or change in international institutions from different angles and engage with their work in the field. In addition, we were looking for input and feedback on our project. We used this first workshop to present the project, and in particular discuss our data collection and analysis. The workshop held six sessions with varying presenters and discussants, giving all of the participants the opportunity to show their individual contributions and engage in discussions.

The farrio-Team introduced their research goals and design. Furthermore, Lisbeth Zimmermann and Alexandros Tokhi presented their Paper “The Far Right and Earmarked Funding of International Organizations”.

We would like to thank all of the participants for their valuable contributions to this successful workshop!

July 20-22 2023

Participation in international workshop “Far-right publics”, organized by Freie Universität Berlin, University of Pennsylvania, UNC Chapel Hill, European University Viadrina, and the Weizenbaum Institute in Berlin. Farrio team members presented the transnational dimension of far-right contestation networks.

June 14-16 2023

Farrio-organized panel at the Section of International Relations of the German Political Science Association (DVPW), in Friedrichshafen, organized by Lisbeth Zimmermann. Alexandros Tokhi presented a co-authored paper with IremEbetürk about the “Contestation of the Istanbul Convention”. 

May 8-9 2023

Participation in international workshop “Opportunities and Challenges to Global and Transnational Advocacy”, organized by Nina Hall and Nina Reiners at the Johns Hopkins University, Bologna. Lisbeth Zimmermann and Alexandros Tokhi presented the first farrio working paper on “Transnational networks of anti-gender activism”.